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20th Century Fox Intro Logo

Fox's new logo for its renamed news and entertainment divisions references design elements from Emile Kosa Jr.'s classic. Movies released under 20th Century Fox, as the studio will still be called, will retain the 2009-vintage monolith. The "A News Corporation Company" tag is scheduled to disappear July 1.

20th Century Fox Intro Logo


The 20th Century Fox Fanfare is a musical piece played to accompany the 20th Century Fox logo when it was displayed during the opening of the movie studio's feature films. The fanfare has been played before the first six Star Wars films, appearing in each episode of the original and prequel trilogies.

In the mid-to-late 1970s, the 20th Century Fox logo had all but been phased out. However, George Lucas enjoyed the logo and Alfred Newman music so much that he insisted it be used for his Star Wars films. The fanfare and logo have, since then, enjoyed a rebirth in usage.

As far as the logo itself is concerned, rather than design a new logo, Disney has opted to shorten the existing one. Like a sandwich without a filling, the new logo is basically the old one with 'Century Fox' removed, bringing '20th' and 'Television' together. The original logo was instantly recognisable (a feature of the best logos of all time), but how does this new version fare?

Tutorial on how to make your own custom 20th Century Fox intro using only Blender 2.7. You just need to donwload the files at Link1 and download blender at Link2 and follow my instructions. If you're good, it shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes to edit it. Have fun with it, and please link back to me if you post it.

To keep Fox's output alive, without associating itself to a rival brand, Disney opted to remove the Fox name from its two main movie banners. 20th Century Fox is now 20th Century Studios, while Fox Searchlight has been changed to Searchlight Pictures. While the name change doesn't seem like that big of a deal to some, it does alter one of the most iconic movie studio intros of all time: The Fox Fanfare. Disney has finally revealed the new intro for 20th Century Studios and there isn't much change from the original Fox logo, but it is recognizably different for movie fans.

The first 20th Century Studios movie to be released in theaters is set to be the new adaptation of The Call of the Wild, starring Harrison Ford. On Monday, Disney unveiled a clip from the film and it begins with the new 20th Century logo. The fanfare is missing, so is the word Fox, but it looks pretty similar outside of that.

Ultimately, no one really cares about the logo itself, but what the 20th Century Fox logo always represented really meant something to the fans. This was the logo and fanfare that played before Star Wars, creating memories in movie lovers that will always carry value. If asked right now, most people could probably sing the tune of the Fox intro without hesitation.

20th Century Studios Intro BloopersThe 20th Century Studios logo in style of the 1953 20th Century FOX logo.First releasedJuly 24, 2016Seasons8Episodes75 (so far)GenreComedyNetworkYouTubeDistributorZachman AwesomenessCreated byZachman AwesomenessWritten byZachman AwesomenessDirected byZachman AwesomenessBased onThe 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century FOX) logoExecutive producerZachman AwesomenessProducerZachman AwesomenessProduction companyZachman Awesomeness StudiosLaughbox MoviesCountryUnited StatesLanguageEnglish

20th Century Studios Intro Bloopers (formerly known as 20th Century FOX Intro Bloopers from series 1-7) is a blooper cartoon inspired by many various blooper web-series based on other logos and intros. This cartoon is centered around Zachman TV and his son, Steve TV, whom are two stick figures who go on wacky and bizarre adventures as they try and get the 20th Century Studios intro right.

When Series 7 was 95% finished with production, Disney had bought 20th Century FOX and its assets. To avoid brand confusion with FOX Corporation, the name of the iconic intro surrounded by lights was changed to 20th Century Studios. FOX Searchlight Pictures had its name changed too; the FOX text was chucked off the tower, leaving the name as Searchlight Pictures. Both name changes was quite irritating for logo fans everywhere, so it will take quite some time getting used to these important modifications. The final episode depicts these swift changes being made while Zachman and some of his friends went overseas for a couple of days. The penultimate episode of Series 7 predicts the changes too, when various current and defunct FOX logos were the main blooper focus. It is likely that we may never see some of these logos again.

Starting with Series 5, the episodes now have a unique title card instead of only containing white text on a black background. It may be possible that title cards will be made for the Classic Era in the future. More episodes to be added. There were quite a few opening theme songs during this era. In Series 5, it was just the fanfare from Rio 2 mashed up with the 16-bit fanfare from The Tick (Genesis/MegaDrive). Series 6 and 7 used the CBS FOX Argentina theme. Around mid-way through Series 7, when the intro was updated for widescreen support, the ending catchphrase "What the freak is going on here?" was replaced with something different. Two variations included an Enderman death sound and the original ROBLOX death sound. Series 8 saw the name change from 20th Century FOX to 20th Century Studios, so as a result, the show's name was changed and a new intro was made to mix together the previous intros, and includes the song "Rise of the Icon", the alternate intro theme from Sonic Mania. Around mid-way through Series 8, the intro was worked on yet again, with the same attributes as the previous intro sequences but with another song: A remix of the 20th Century FOX theme by VGeorgeFraggle.

Disney has revealed its new official 20th Century Studios logo which has removed all traces of Fox from the final design. The similar but fresh logo was unveiled in a short clip for the new adaptation of The Call of the Wild, starring Harrison Ford and Karen Gillan.

But fans were unexpectedly treated to a blast from the past in the form of the old 20th Century Fox fanfare that originally accompanied the original Star Wars trilogy films. Of course, something new had to come with the old: yet another change to the Han and Greedo scene was made in the new release, while Disney+ rolled out a new Lucasfilm logo to accompany its new Star Wars properties.

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"20th Century Studios Fanfare" is a composition written by Alfred Newman. It plays to accompany the 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox), Searchlight Pictures (formerly Fox Searchlight Pictures) and Star Studios (formerly Fox Star Studios) logos at the start of their feature films. The fanfare is also played on soundtracks for films.

  • Anastasia: The film trailer has the logo in a dark wintry setting with snowfall.

  • The Bob's Burgers Movie: The fanfare is played on a ukelele similar to the show's theme music, with some random sound effects from Gene's keyboard mixed in.

  • The trailer for The Book of Life (2014) features a logo styled in a Mexican Day of the Dead variant with a different font and a skull replacing the 0 in "20th".

  • Condorito: The Movie: A feather can be seen fluttering around the logo as the fanfare plays. As the logo is shown in full, the title character (seen in silhouette, staring at the logo) grabs the feather out of the air and places it back into his tail before walking off.

  • Ice Age: The teaser trailer for the original film shows the word "B.C." awkwardly placed in front of the word "Fox". Another trailer shows glaciers sliding closed in front of the ident.

  • Ice Age: The Meltdown: The theatrical trailer shows the logo and background changing from a snowy climate to a heated, red color palette.

  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: A stone-age version of the logo appears, with the searchlights replaced by smoking fumaroles. This only appeared in the theatrical release and on the 3D Blu Ray release.

  • The opening of Rio 2 has a samba version of the famous fanfare.

  • The trailer for Robots shows the sky before panning down to a mechanical-looking logo and structures in the background.

  • The Peanuts Movie: Schroeder plays the fanfare on his piano. Seen here.

  • In The Simpsons Movie, Ralph Wiggum runs out of the "20th" and sings the last few bars of the theme music (badly) before running away. Afterwards, the logo turns black and white as the camera pans up to the moon, starting the movie. The audio for this has been adapted for the Home Entertainment logo starting with the Sixteenth Season DVD.

  • Spies in Disguise: The film's trailers have the logos in hi-tech dark blue.

  • Family Guy: The episode "The Fatman Always Rings Twice" has the whole episode in Film Noir black-and-white, including the 20th Century logo.

  • The episode "All About Alana" has a hitman say his son plays the melodica. The 20th Century Fox logo appears with the fanfare played with that instrument, badly.

  • Futurama: The logo reads "30th Century Fox Television". The logo even appears in-universe in the episodes "That's Lobstertainment!" and "Simpsorama". The DVDs even call it "30th Century Fox Home Entertainment", and syndicated airings end with "30th Television", as the syndication unit of the studio is named 20th Television. This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight in April 2013 when Rupert Murdoch announced that following the spin-out of News Corporation's publishing operations into a new News Corp., the old News Corp. would be re-named 21st Century Fox.

  • The Simpsons, besides The Simpsons Movie listed in the animated films folder above: In the Couch Gag for the episode "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song", Homer notices the Fox logo on the screen, then he rips it off furiously, and the family stomps on it.

  • In "Steal this Episode", the Fox logo appears on the screen as the announcer says they're forbidden to show how to download copyrighted property, so they choose to show some NASCAR racing footage.

  • The Couch Gag for the episode "MoneyBART" storyboarded by the politically-charged guerrilla artist Banksy depicts the logo as a giant sweatshop making Simpsons merchandise and hand-animating/developing the opening. Steel yourself before following that link, it's actually incredibly dark and unpleasant.

  • The episode "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" ends with the familiar fanfare replaced with Homer screaming "Ah! Undo! Undo!" (Earlier in the episode, Homer is investing in stocks whilst at an internet cafe. This is Homer's reaction when Lisa tells him that News Corp is the owner of Fox.)

  • The Christmas Episode "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace" has jingle bells playing with the fanfare.

  • On "The Blunder Years", this and the Gracie Films logo before have Homer loudly screaming over them.

  • The 1998 episode "When You Dish Upon a Star", in an insanely Hilarious in Hindsight moment, features the 20th Century Fox logo with the line "A Division of (the) Walt Disney Company" under it.

  • In "You Kent Always Say What You Want", Homer and Lisa have a conversation at the end about what Fox is really doing, but their conversation is censored by an announcer saying positive things about the network. When Homer talks again, he is interrupted by the Fox logo. When Homer steps into a white void, he attempts to tell the audience what he really wanted to say about Fox, but he is, appropriately shushed by the Gracie Films Logo Lady.


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