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Our Programs

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Infants & Toddlers

  • 4:1 teacher to student ratio

  • Fostering relationships & trust

  • Safe & stable environment necessary for children to comfortably explore and learn from their surroundings

  • Emphasis on social emotional growth & relationships with teachers & peers

  • Guiding children in gaining skills in order to meet milestones



  • • 7:1 teacher to student ratio

  • Individualized, child led learning activities to gain skills for kindergarten readiness

  • Implementing an adaptive, hands on curriculum, while assessing & documenting development

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School Age

*Only offered at our Riverhead location*

  • 10:1 teacher to student ratio

  • Certified teacher

  • Offers virtual learning help & care on child’s off days from school

  • Gives children the opportunity for the social interactions they’re missing out on

Outdoor Classroom

Nature’s Play outdoor classroom is where children of every age group get to experience nature in fun, new ways that inspire learning and creativity. Outdoor learning provides children with opportunities for exploration, creative thinking, risk taking, using their senses, and most importantly, hands on learning through play

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